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C5 /

Game Over

5 Here tell em game over
2017 Takeover
Few steps from a private jet
No more southwest layovers
Touch a mil in my jay jonahs
Future bright like crayola
Alcohol that we sipping now
You don't get no hangovers, naw
I remember I was sipping on rossi
I was young trying to get in the party
Back then I was just a nobody
Now I can't go anywhere
Without knowing somebody
They know I'm somebody
Is that c5 with the dorm flow
Raider hat and bubble coat?
I'm in the water trying come afloat
Throwing up the 5 like I'm under oath
Times only getting rougher though
I got more bills than buffalo
But no matter what they say I'm the g. o. a. t
Name another rapper with this kind of flow
Dirty like the rice at pappadeaux
If you ain't had it then you gotta go
Handful and my mama know
I do not know how she deal with me
I'm always repping but I'm hardly home
But my lil' shorty is still with me
If you ain't squad don't call my phone
I am not feeling your energy
I tell a nigga keep ya mouth closed
If you cannot keep it real with me

[verse 2]

It's coming sooner than later
Homie you can not fade us
Gotta fam I gotta feed
I can't do no more favors
When they throwing all that shade
I just zoom on them haters
I can't lose I'm the greatest, yeah
I gotta make it out
I'm on the paper route
Got a few options now
I gotta weigh them out
I know what I'm about
Don't know what they about
I'ma need god to answer
Everything thing that I pray about
I'm tired being broke every time I swipe
Overdraft on the bank account
Said I shoulda took the safer route
I'm just looking like, yeah right
In the studio, every night
In the trap like, dead mice
And I got a bad, red bone
Singing to her like barry white

Yeah, yeah like girl you need to stop it
Got me spending all my funds
When I don't even got it, yeah

But she thick and so damn fine
Goddamn goddamn 5
Had to say it one last time
About to make a mil off one damn line
Had a glock clip was my pants size
You was from the block but I ran mines
Now I'm bout to blow up like a land mine
Tell em stand by it's my damn time

Yea, and that's a wrap
5 Got the torch now
And I won't pass it back
I'm just giving it my all
Until I'm at my last
Matter fact it's
Matter fact it's
Game over

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