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Sticky Fingers /


I feel it, running in my veins
Struggling with breathing
Suffocates my brain
There's no air in gravity's erase
I am a runaway dog
They sent me into space

It's a little planet
Flying through the stars
I don't wanna sit down
How much did I cost
Light speed, but I'm feeling kinda slow
Gazing out the space screen
Memories below

Master, why'd you have to leave me?
Didn't have to deceive me
We were friends
Slingshot, hurts that I'm not dreaming
Slowly overheating, you shook my hand

Silence, a neon glow lights up
A crackle of speaker, then everything goes dark
And there's nothing, except this floating dream
I'm flying to the moon now
I think it's time to sleep

And I'm lonely, taking to the moonlight
It's not time for spaceflight
For this dog
Was it worth it? Worth it breaking trust
Worth the weight of love we have now lost
We were friends

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